Our Kirk Session



Crosshill Parish Church Kirk Session

The Kirk Session of Crosshill Church is made up of the following members.

Moderator = 1

Female Elders =28

Male Elders = 25

Total Number of Elders (as at 1st October 2016) = 53

The Kirk Session of Crosshill Parish Church meets at regular intervals and is presided over by the Moderator, Rev Gavin Black, BD (Min)

Elders are nominated from the membership of the congregation and are appointed and ordained by the Kirk Session.

Elders are ordained for life, so if they are subsequently elected or appointed to Sessions at later points in their life, they are inducted, there being no second ordination.

Elders within the Crosshill Parish Church Kirk Session are engaged in a variety of roles, for example, sharing responsibility for leading worship, providing pastoral care and opportunities for fellowship, promoting responsible stewardship, nurturing spiritual understanding and discipleship, engaging with and witnessing to the local community, and undertaking the various administrative duties and practical tasks associated with the life and work of the Crosshill congregation.

In renewing the Kirk Session and developing its leadership role there is a process in place to identify the personal gifts and talents of Elders and utilising these gifts and talents to the benefit of the Crosshill congregation and ministry of the parish.

All Elders should be aware and have a clear understanding of the expected and anticipated roles of the Eldership. Each Elder should testify to being informed of these roles and of the expectation that the roles allocated to the Elder be upheld when performing their Elder duties

Being in an ordained position in the Church is it essential that individuals have a clear sense of call and commitment to the role of Elder

The following Formula of conditions associated with becoming an Elder must be acknowledged and agreed by each Elder during their ordination



I believe in the fundamental doctrines of the Christian Faith contained in the Confession of Faith of this Church.

I acknowledge the Presbyterian Government of this Church to be agreeable to the Word of God and promise that I will submit thereto and concur therewith.

I promise to observe the order of worship and the administration of all public ordinances as the same are or may be allowed in this Church.

Session Clerk

The person who takes minutes for the Session and is responsible for all of the church’s ledgers of membership, births, baptisms, deaths, elders and is known as the Clerk of Session. However, the role takes on a special significance well beyond its stated duties. In leadership and influence across the congregation, the Session Clerk is a partner with the Minister and often speaks for the Congregation and Elders in offering words of guidance and encouragement to the Minister as well as being the key to marshalling resources and support to implement the Minister’s projects.