The Guild

Organisation Info

The Guild meets on alternate Tuesdays at 7.15pm in the large hall.

As part of the Church of Scotland’s national Guild we are engaged in various fundraising projects both nationally and locally.

Our evening meetings involve worship and guest speakers on a wide variety of interesting topics.
We enjoy days out together and several times a year we also enjoy a meal out together.

The Guild is open to both men and women of all ages and a warm welcome is extended to all.


Guild Committee

Session 2016 – 2017

Co-ordinator            Anne Uprichard

Treasurer                 Myra Docherty

Secretaries               Irene Paterson (Syllabus)

Linda Miller(Syllabus)

Sheena Gardiner (Roll)

Helen Taylor (Roll)

Janet Wotherspoon       (Minute)

Tea Committee        Wilma Elder

Helena Davison

Barbara Ferguson

Margaret Anderson

Isobel Campbell

Committee     Members       

Christine Johnston

Betty Usher

Mary Gray

Delia Swan


Crosshill Parish Church


Syllabus 2016 – 2017


Be Bold-Be Strong 

“Go in Joy”


Let’s Stick Together


The Guild is a movement within the Church of Scotland which invites and encourages women and men to commit their lives to Jesus Christ and enables them to express their faith in Worship, Prayer and Action.




Tues           27        7.15pm        Dedication Service  Rev Gavin Black



Tues           4          7.15pm        Heritage Centre  Old Motherwell  Cinema Halls


Tues           18        7.15pm        Care & Repair Service    Samantha Buggy



Tues           1          7.15pm        Salvation Army …Chris Connelly

Sun            13                              Remembrance Sunday

Tues           15        7.15pm        Visibility Scotland…Disbursement of Funds

Sun            20                              Guild Sunday

Tue            29        7.15pm        Karaoke Hymns…John Irvine



Tues           6          6.30/7pm    Christmas  Dinner…Bentley Hotei




Tues           10        7.15pm        Mr John Martin    “Joy of Cruising”

Tues           17        7.15pm        Margo Uprichard      “Project SPACE”

Tues           31        7.15pm        Rev Bob Kent….Autographical Talk


Tues           14        7.15pm        Mr Robert Nimmo “My Commonwealth Games”

Tues           28        7.15pm        Boots The Chemist…Bring and Buy Sale


Tues           7          7.15pm        Lets Stick Together…Guild Project

Tue            21        7.15pm        Collecting “HummeL”…Mrs Sheilah Bond

Tues           28        7.30pm        Closing Social “Arietta”


Sun             9                            Palm Sunday

Tues          11                           Holy Week Service

Sun            16                           Easter Sunday


Tues            9         7pm          Christian Aid Coffee Evening


Thu              1        7.30pm      Summer Rally…Bothwell Parish Church